HISTORY - Who we are?

After working for about 10 years as marine engineer with Splošna Plovba Piran (Slovenian shipping company) and another 10 years with the biggest company in shipsupply business in former Jugoslavija, SAŠA MARGON decided to establish the shipsupply company of his own.

On April 1st in 1989 he started the very FIRST private – family owned – company for ship supplies in former Socialist Jugoslavia. Soon after the real »start« his wife Silvana joined him and their three sons, Mitja, Marko and Mihael became their best supporters. The essential idea was just the shipsupply. The export and import in Jugoslavia more or less were covered by numerous companies representing nearly all important producers and products for shipsupply business from all the world.

The name and its LOGO were invented and designed by two oldest sons in only a week or so, but the registration procedures and all »paper works« have lasted quite a few months. Registered like Ltd. was in November 1989.

OLMAR means Oskrba Ladij MARgon what in english is »supply of ships Margon«.

Then, after few years of crisis of pre and post reforming of Jugoslavia and after proclamation of indipendent REPUBLIC of SLOVENIJA in 1991, OLMAR achived the yearly turnover of about 1 mil USD and ten employees in 1999.

Now – 2009 – after 20 years of existance, OLMAR is more than 10 years an ISSA (International ShipSupply Association) MEMBER. In 2003 we have succeed in convincing the ISSA organising comitee to held the Annual Convention in PORTOROŽ – SLOVENIJA. So OLMAR became well known in shipsupply business to many shipowners and managements all over the world.

»Still going strong« with our motto: »The QUALITY is MORE IMPORTANT than QUANTITY«, we are remaining a small supplier in a small country, keeping our own way how to treat our CUSTOMERS and especially the SHIP'S CREWS.